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Posey Dental Lab offers Select Orthodontic products for sleep and snoring

Full Mouth Reconstruction/ Cosmetic Cases

Posey Dental Lab is known for being innovative and resourceful when it comes to full-mouth rehabilitation cases. The goal is for the patient's entire dental work to be harmoniously aesthetic and completely functional on all levels. We do wonders with dentures and implant combos using A-grade resistant and translucent materials.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

When cosmetic dentistry is planned, it is often important to do a diagnostic wax-up to help determine the eventual appearance and result after treatment is performed. This allows the dentist and patient to evaluate the anticipated final appearance and to determine if it meets their expectations.

At Posey Dental Lab, we aim to achieve high standards through all our work. Our dental diagnostic wax-ups are no exception. It is one of our many products that can help you show your patients what is possible through today’s advanced dental technology. We’ll provide you with a three-dimensional model of your patient’s mouth, which is taken from impressions, making it an exact replica of the patient’s teeth.

Bite and Sports Guards

Posey Dental Labs offers a wide range of nightguards, bite splints and sports guards for every patient. They can make a huge difference for your patients who grind their teeth and can protect the jaw-line bone, teeth, lips, and cheeks from injury.

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